An Improved Rant

I was just infuriated that my party is behind the times on equality in California. The rhetoric may be a bit polarized. However I shortened my rant of 1050 words to 145 words for the local newspaper. If the local newspaper does not publish it, it will be posted a few weeks from now.

Leaders of the San Bernardino County Republican Party and the Riverside County Republican Party should get the message loud and clear that we need to evolve or die. Voters over 60 unfortunately have the views that lead to our representatives sharing hostility to almost anything supportive to LGBT voters.

In 20 years we will have a transformation in political belief where these attitudes will not be acceptable. Voters will consider these attitudes a relic of a bygone era.

Even if voters agree that Democratic party legislators are irresponsible in our state budget, voters will find that voting for a mean party who wants to treat other people as second class citizens is just wrong.

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