Treat Workers Fairly

Unlike most Republicans, I do find the importance of labor unions. Businesses can not be expected to do the right thing at all times. Not all businesses will do the right thing, if polluting rivers will mean a net benefit to a company’s bottom line they will do it.

Businesses have a weird sense of operation, they believe removing meal and lunch breaks will create jobs or keep jobs alive. However the stupidity of business in ignoring meal and break laws is the reason why they are losing money.

With meal and lunch breaks workers will be happier and more productive and they will be ready to do the job better.

However in the Inland Valley, warehouse workers are being exploited by temporary agencies and the corporations who contract to hire the employees. Workers are being deprived of permanent employment, 40 hour work weeks, and a living wage which makes the Inland Empire a depressing place to live for thousands of its residents.

I endorse the Employee Free Choice Act, the bill that promotes unionization in the workplace. The existing practice of union organization simply does not work, it is simply undemocratic. One side has an overwhelming advantage over the other side in the current system of union organization. Look at Wal-Mart they are famous for union busting, they will even shut down entire stores or departments if they dare to unionize. People should not have to be forced to attend propaganda on how unionization is evil, threats about loss of their job, benefits or wages during a campaign to determine who represents the employee on labor issues.

The existing system offers bottlenecks where it is so one sided towards the employer it would be like operating congressional elections where the incumbent owns the media all over the district.

The Employee Free Choice Act may not be a perfect piece of legislation. However it is better than the system we have now. Maybe with union representation, workers of the Inland Valley will be on the winning side of the economic ladder in the future.

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