There are Bigger Fish to Fry

I am not a regular listener of podcaster Wanda Wisdom (Bradley Traynor) as I used to. Since the Feast of Fools podcast is in hiatus, I decided to give Wanda’s show a chance. Brad does two shoes for Lavender Media in Minneapolis, Big Gay News and Lucky Bitch Radio, as part of Big Gay News he mentioned the fact that although alleged censorship of LGBT books is a legitimate issue people are getting hurt and killed for the simple fact for being queer.

First in Iraq, people are being systematically executed for being gay in Iraq, even though we helped liberate this nation from Saddam Hussein we still have not liberated the nation from tyranny for all Iraqis. I applaud organizations such as GOP Proud for helping to bring forth awareness of this issue in one of their recent press releases by mentioning that we should advocate for human rights for all.

Then in Massachusetts, a place where you would not expect a person to be beaten up and disfigured for being gay.  Justin Goodwin got the unfortunate beating from two men in their twenties where the victim will likely be deaf in one ear and blind in one eye because of the malice and prejudice the men had. 

Of course we should not give up the frivolous news stories that you might read on Perez Hilton or what outfit Britney Spears might wear on her world tour. However we should be aware that the world is not perfect and there is still darkness in the world around us. Get active, visit sites such as Amnesty International, the Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign, then enjoy your bread and circuses we got to leave this world a better place for the next generation.

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