The Tea Party Movement Is Not a Joke

I am proud of the people across the nation who demonstrated against government waste on Tax Day. Anderson Cooper and Rachael Maddow may make jokes about the tea party events by mentioning the double entendre of tea bagging. Geeks who have XBOX 360’s quite understand what these commentators are making the reference to especially when you play Halo 3.

The left thinks these activists are just whiny upper crust folk who do not want to pay for government where Rachael Maddow exclaims these people have their events at public parks and have police watch over the event which are government funded and are perceived to be freeloading hypocrites . Most of the activists are not looking to be free loaders, they just want government to be operated responsibly.

The left thinks that the tea party movement is nothing more than an astro-turf campaign. However the grassroots movements of the left wing are funded by their own sugar daddies such as George Soros. Money is money, if right winged sugar daddies want to support us, so be it.

The tea party movement is not a Republican movement, but its a movement of the grass-roots. Rachael Maddow may make light of the Tea Party movement with its not as spectacular attendance, but it was just as attended as the Post Proposition 8 rallies across the nation last November.

Of course Republicans spent irresponsibly, voters punished the party big time in 2006 causing the Democratic Party to replace many long time Republican legislators. However the party of President Obama is doing a better job at spending the money we do not have like there is no tomorrow. Even without the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama, Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Pelosi have mortgaged our great grandchildren to debit.

Middle America was not against a stimulus, but we needed to take the time to make sure we were not destroying our nation in the quest of saving it. Many of us are not rabid for limited government, but we know the difference between too much governmental intervention and too little government.

Yes, it was President Bush who started this madness. However the blame is also on the Democratic Party. And as Americans we need to stand up for what is right and keep on fighting until the job is done.

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