School projects, unfunded mandates on parents.

As part of my job I ring up purchases of parents buying stuff for their children’s school projects. In this tough economy where people are cutting back we should do our best to make economically responsible accommodations to the parents who have children attending their local public schools.

I want all children to have a chance to succeed. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck without much breathing room to spare, and having to spend 40.00 for your fourth grader’s school mission project, 30.00 for your eighth grader’s plant cell project does add up and there should be other options aside from spending big money on these presentations.

There should be other options where artistically challenged students and economically challenged families can succeed in today’s economy. Children who are low on cash understand their families economic predicament and they should not be penalized for not being able to afford the materials for their homework assignments.

Teachers should be required to offer multiple options for all economic levels in their classroom for school projects in their assignments.  Create a website, draw the mission, make a PowerPoint presentation, make a movie, write a longer report.

If educators make reasonable accommodations, parents will be happier and that will make the parent/teacher relationship better.

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