They are going to come for us next! Time Warner Bandwidth Caps

They came to Beaumont Texas, and now Time Warner wants to severely meter the bandwidth in four more cities. Although they have not reached California yet, we should be prepared for the possibility that bandwidth will be crippled.

Expect to pay more and get less. I understand that Time Warner needs to make money. However in a crippled economy people will disconnect services if costs become more prohibitive.

Since October I have installed Networx, a bandwidth traffic measuring program to find out how much traffic I actually do use.  I found out I use around 12gb to 32gb of traffic. Unfortunately they do something dishonest they measure 1GB as 1000 MB when it is actually 1024MB. So give yourself 5 percent as breathing space just in case if you go near the traffic cap.

At least Comcast was more pragmatic and reasonable with their network cap regulations with 200gb of traffic. However if we need to download updates for our programs and operating systems then we are going to probably enter a world of hurt. If Time Warner wants to be more pragmatic on their consumption caps they should offer to host a and a tucows mirror where the traffic would not cost towards our bandwidth traffic.

I know Time Warner is biased towards having their customers wanting to use their television services as well, if they do then how about offering more bandwidth if you have at least the television service combined.

40gb is reasonable, it should be the low tier, however 5gb of traffic for 30.00 is a rip-off for the low tier of usage, nor is 60.00 for 100gb of traffic. People will be curtailing how they express themselves on the internet if bandwidth becomes expensive. Innovation is going to be further curtailed, while people in Sweden and South Korea watch their videos while we go back to text messaging.

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