Underwhelmed By King Taco

King Taco, a leading Mexican food eatery in the Los Angeles area decided to move towards the Inland Valley for new business. Lines have taken over a hour for the last few days for people to try out the eatery in the city of Ontario where a security guard makes sure that the building is not violating the occupancy rules for fire safety.

The menu of King Taco is simple, we got no frills nachos that you can easily get at a movie theater or 7-11, burritos that are basically overpriced for what you pay for them, tacos that are not like the ones you see at Americanized Mexican fast food restaurants where you would need to order 2 or 3 to get satisfied. However King Taco has weekend Rotisserie Chicken and tamales to also satisfy the customers who come to their stores.

I would love home style quality Mexican food. However I would rather eat at Juanitas or the food counter at Ontario Ranch Market. At least at Juanita’s it tastes better and you get two filling burritos for the price of 1.

3.0/5  ($1.25-5.99 for tacos, burritos and nachos. $7.99/$11.99 for chicken special)

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