Day Of Silence Is Vital

The fundamentalists are afraid about the annual Day of Silence event, an event focused on awareness of the harassment and bullying of LGBT youth. Students should be free to be who they are without the fear of harassment or intimidation. The psychological terrorism of bullies only prevents students from getting the education that they are entitled to. Students may be raised with values and traditions from their families, however they should learn to let students live and let live and learn that society is not a filtered lens that they may have been conditioned with.

Students are what they are, people do not take lessons on being straight or gay. The objective of organizations such as the Campaign for California Families and the Alliance Defense Fund is to spread ignorance, prejudice and fear so they can have a boogeyman in the gay community to raise money for their organizations.

Schools should not be used as a political proving ground for fundamentalists or even homosexuals. However student initiated actions such as the Day of Silence is vital and needed to bring forth awareness of the issue of harassment and bullying of students. We need a warm and open environment for all students no matter what their sexuality or religion might be.

I had to deal with a bully where I had to be evasive by going to school very early by choosing an esoteric path to school and when I had a class where my bully was in the same building I stormed out of class so we would not have to cross paths. Worrying about this individual added extra stress to my senior year about ten years ago from today. I was closeted back then and did not radiate anything. However my bully probably had very good gaydar.

Straight, gay or in-between we should all share solidarity together so we can make sure that future generations of students especially in Junior High and High School can learn and be free from intimidation. Even though I have graduated long time ago, I want to help change the culture so we can have hope not fear.

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