Humane Non Kill Treatment of Stray Cats

The pet overpopulation is indeed heartbreaking when countless animals have to be euthanized in the local animal shelters across our country. There should be other methods in the humane treatment of feral cats in our society.

Right now I have a stray cat colony of three cats, one of them is obviously the female cat and she has had two litters already and she is likely to make two or three more litters thus adding to the problem. If I call animal control it is likely that the local agency is likely going to catch them then put them to sleep, but that does seem cruel.

If a local non-profit agency wants to trap the cats that reside at my residence, I would be happy to let them do so, so they could spay and neuter the colony of three cats and the kittens that have resided in the current litter. I would like to see the overpopulation problem subside in a humane way.

We should see if there is like minded individuals who would want to help sponsor trial studies in the Inland Valley if we can reduce the overpopulation of stray cats and reduce the burden of the animal shelters of our region that would be a worthwhile goal to achieve.

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