California’s nanny state killing the economy.

If you want to know why California is not competitive in the economy, its nanny state tendencies are the reason why. California’s regulations put people out of work and deprive communities of sales tax revenue.

The California Energy Commission is mandating that televisions have to meet federal energy standards else they cannot be sold in our state by 2011. So if you find a television you wanted that was found on one of those technology websites you might have to go to Las Vegas or online to buy one.

Even though most consumer electronics manufacturers are meeting or exceeding energy standards, regulators want to feel good about saving the planet where they do not care about the financial impact to retailers and the loss of tax revenue from 87 to 130 million dollars each year if luxury televisions get restricted.

We all do need to save energy, if you have a 60 inch plasma television you are more likely to afford the energy bills required to power the device. It is all up to personal responsibility of the consumer to conserve energy so we can avoid blackouts. If you have an energy guzzler as a device unplug it when it is not in use to save money and to keep the nanny state at bay.

From: Save the planet. “Big brother” may stop the sale of electric toothbrushes [Orange Juice]

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