State Senator Bought off by Governor on Prop 1A

We may have had State Senator George Runner (R-Palmdale) be so eloquent about the state budget crisis and fiscal reform, but since our governor is desperate to prevent his house of cards from crumbling down. George’s wife Sharon has been appointed to the State Agricultural Labor Relations Board which is given the perception across the blogosphere and talk radio that Senator Runner has basically been bought off where he will likely stay neutral during the May special election.

Unfortunately Sharon has never served in the agricultural committee as Assemblywoman nor dealt with labor issues either. Unfortunately Sharon has a rare lung disease which caused her to miss many months of the previous legislative session when she was in office. Will Sharon be able to do her appointed position without much problems, or is it just a giveaway of taxpayer money that can not be wasted due to our severe budget problems.

It is disappointing that George is following the same behavior as our governor. They articulate that we need to limit government and even eliminate these overpaid state board commission positions which Arnold discussed in his first term. Now they are living large on the dwindling fat of the land.

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