Omar does not live here

I am getting dumb people who persistently call my phone number asking for a guy named Omar.  I keep telling them that I have owned this phone number since 1981 and they should stop calling it.  Sadly its the same Latino guy calling over and over looking for the guy named Omar. Perhaps the guy is a bill collector, but honestly he is harassing the wrong people. Damn I feel like I should subscribe to caller id for the next month or so for my entertainment.

Previously I had a woman from Palm Springs text message me on my mobile and even when I tried to call her to stop text messaging me, she kept on text messaging me like she was in a zombie trance. I called her to tell her that I was not her boyfriend and she still messaged me. I had to call T-Mobile to block text messages since if you receive text messages from people you have to pay for them good or bad.

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