Proposition 103 is at risk. Contact Congressman Baca Today!

The reforms passed by the voters in California are in danger of being eliminated thanks to Congressman Royce of Orange County and Congresswoman Bean of Pennsylvania. Luckily for us in San Bernardino County, we have a congressman on this key sub committee of Financial Services that could be influential in sinking this plan the insurance industry dreams for.

Insurance companies want to have it where state regulations to be eliminated because in fact federal law supersedes state law. Insurance companies do not want to deal with the regulations and protections that states such as California give to consumers.

The Royce-Bean legislation is still in draft form, but with outcry from the constituents of the 43rd Congressional District perhaps the legislation can be nuked before it gets to the committee.

Although being on key committees does help in helping to get the campaign cash, hopefully the congressman can balance the interests of his constituents and industry at the same time.

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