End Prohibition in San Bernardino County

If the Obama Administration allows for the medical marijuana use by discouraging the DEA from stopping medicinal marijuana establishments, then our board of supervisors and the city councils should follow suit and ease up on their restrictions. Recently this week Attorney General Eric Holder decided to follow through with campaign promises and decided to end DEA raids on medicinal marijuana organizations.

Before our new president took his oath of office, San Bernardino County and cities such as Ontario have made it difficult for those truly in need of this drug to obtain what they need to function. The argument was if the federal government would not allow it, we must follow federal law first because it supersedes state law. Now state law agrees with federal law and our board of supervisors and local city councils in San Bernardino County should follow suit by ending their restrictions. 

Of course we should make sure that those who are looking for a quick toke should of course be punished, or there should be zoning restrictions making sure that these medicinal organizations are not near schools or residential areas.

However, this issue of the easing of marijuana restrictions is becoming increasingly mainstream particularly in California. Although total decriminalization is not supported yet nationally, Californians do believe that those who are suffering with chronic conditions such as cancer, HIV and other life threatening conditions should be able to take advantage of the marijuana plant.

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