Colorado Republican State Senator embarrasses party

In it was posted that:

The Denver Post reports on initial passage today in the Senate of SB-88, which would extend limited health benefits to same-sex partners of Colorado state employees. Did you know, gentle reader, that the Bible declares homosexuality punishable by death?

Well, a State Senator did not want to support the bill because he did not want to reward people who violate biblical law and equated homosexuals as murderers.

Colorado Republicans are not having a good time right now, they lost a US Senate Seat, they lost the state legislature and a congressional seat. I decided to be an advice columnist helping their state chairman mend the damage.

Chairman Wadhams,

As a Republican and gay man from California, I would like to provide some advice on how to bring your party to the majority and the mainstream again. Be a party that unites ALL of Colorado and the nation as a while. Wonder why Congresswoman Musgrave lost in 2008, and your state party lost the governorship, a US Senate Seat and the state legislature.

Remarks from Senator Renfroe will only help the Democratic Party devour your state party and help fuel the liberals to gain bigger margins. Even if your members in the legislature have these views they need to be quiet so they don’t cause further losses towards irrelevance.

You got to be a party of the mainstream, not just James Dobson! Until this happens, do not expect to gain back the majority or even retain the US Senate seat our party still holds in 2010.


Matt Munson

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