San Bernardino County Republican Party = Total Joke

As what Sam Clauder jokes how the local Republicans are on a slow road to third place it seems the ineptitude of its new chairman Assemblyman Anthony Adams is going to help it go down the toilet.

The members of the central committee thought by electing a legislator they would help bring respectability and fundraising power to the organization, but since Assemblyman Adams opened his mouth up I can hardly expect the party to recover until they get some new neutral leader to reorganize the organization.

Having a new chairman to support up to 70 billion dollars in new taxes on the people of California is not going to make the base and even outsiders from our county willing to donate money or be enthused for supporting our candidates.

We need a leader who is not tied to the members of the board of supervisors nor former Assessor Bill Postmus. We need a leader who understands the harsh economic realities and economics of taxation, where in 1991 Governor Wilson raised to taxes in a recession and revenue went down the toilet and now our legislators want to reenact more mistakes again.

On Valentine’s Day San Bernardino County residents should call Anthony Adam’s office and tell him to come home to reality before the big vote happens. 

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