Meg Whitman for Governor?

Meg Whitman is making it official that she is running for the Republican Party nomination for governor of California by having woman oriented web portal announcing her campaign announcement to the Internet.

Although Meg was one of the first few executives that helped lead Ebay to prominence which helped lead towards her fortune and fame across the nation. Meg is new to the political scene so she will probably need to use her fortune to tour the state and get people to know her. However in a recent California political poll from  Probolsky Research she has 14% support in one of the early polls of California voters with Tom Campbell on top with 15% with the rest in single digits or undecided with a wide majority.

Meg may be a better executive than Carly Fionia, but I would rather wait a few more months to see what type of policy positions Meg and her team have on the state budget, taxation, job creation and social policy before I get an overwhelming urge to hitch my post on a campaign.

The Republican Primary is going to be messy because all the leading candidates are centrists or even liberal in nature. The base is sort of bewildered that a conservative has not been announced for the 2010 campaign, but there is 1 year and 3 months until the primary and the campaign has only began.

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