Save the Party and our County from Embarrassment

Republicans in San Bernardino County should endorse the recall of County Assessor Postmus. Assessor Postmus has sadly been an embarrassment to the Republican Party and San Bernardino County and it should be time for our supervisors to wise up and realize that we need a fresh face to lead the Assessor’s Office.

It has been alleged that our assessor is a drug addict, used government resources for political purposes and helped lead his young assistant Adam Aleman to destroy public evidence and mislead the grand jury during the investigations.

County regulations do provide for the facilities for the supervisors to fire the County Assessor with a 4/5ths vote, but the board is taking the long route towards his dismissal because they want to make sure his termination would be irreversible. Unfortunately our county is planning to spend up to 1 million dollars in order to investigate the possibility of his termination. In this economic climate that is fiscally irresponsible. Just as former Democratic Party Congressman Jefferson froze his bribery money in New Orleans, we need to help change the image of our party and start fresh by making corruption and illegal activity inexcusable.

As long as Bill Postmus stays in office it will be a stain on the reputation of our county. We need a responsible leader to run the county assessor’s office no matter what political party he or she may be. We need to stand up for higher standards as Republicans and support the recall of Bill Postmus as soon as possible. Encourage your friends and family to submit a petition so we can get the process going. We will need around 100,000 signatures and each voice does count.

Thank You

Update: Postmus announced his resignation. Thank You for doing the right thing and saving our taxpayers big money.

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