A Lament on Jury Duty

Jury duty is an integral obligation of all adult citizens of our nation. However to help encourage more people to participate in this process we should make it easier and flexible for the citizenry to participate.

I am required to call after 6 in the evening to find out if I have been canceled, postponed or I have to show up at the exact time. However I do lack the transportation to easily get to the court house within a hour window if I call between 11 and 12 in the afternoon to get to the court house by 12:45. In recent years, I ended up getting ready to the court house and while I am on the bus I find out that my jury duty service is not needed for the year.

Due to my employer going down the toilet due to working in the retail industry I would like to know if I am going to be part of this process. Sadly jury duty will pay more than my part time job and I would love the opportunity to serve on the jury and at least get some nominal money for my time.

I would like to recommend some suggestions for our county supervisors to make jury duty flexible and fair to all of us in San Bernardino County.

Offer the option of a one week pass on Omnitrans in lieu of mileage for those who are assigned on their second day of jury duty.  

Give more than a hour window for those who do not have access to a car or a drivers license to get to the court house. Having people call at 8 or 9 in the morning instead of calling between 11 and 12 would be easier for those who have to use mass transit. I am tempted next time to tell the court I have no reasonable means of getting to court if they send me another summons next year.

We should not be yanked on a chain, but reasonable accommodations should be given to the people of San Bernardino County.

One thought on “A Lament on Jury Duty”

  1. Frankly, your criticism of the one-hour window also applies to us that do have jobs and cars. I work in Orange County, and I can’t guarantee that I could make it back to San Bernardino County in an hour.

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