A Bit of Empathy Please

Now is not a good time to be part of the customer service industry. After experiencing
a troubling economy, customers do not realize the problems the people behind the counter
experience. Businesses are cutting their labor to meet their bottom line where customer
service is compromised.

Although we all naturally want to get in and get out when we make our purchases, and as customer service employees we try as humanly possible to do so when our customers visit the stores. Sometimes the experience at your local retail store will not be perfect, just relax and understand that lack of employees is just another cost cutting measure at your local retailer in the name of keeping businesses afloat in uncertain times.

Empathy would be appreciated while the shopping public adjusts to the changes at stores across the nation. Although we would all appreciate Nordstrom’s style of customer service at the stores we shop at, it would drive the cost of goods and services if Corporate America adopted the model. 

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