An Open Letter to SBCRP Chairman Assemblyman Adams

I would like to encourage you to be inclusive of all Republicans. Not all Republicans are white, straight and religious. I do not expect you to sign for a resolution to commemorate Harvey Milk’s birthday or score above 50% on Equality California’s score card for this year. However I think we need to first offer up a culture of respect and inclusion first with the county party. California is seriously in trouble with its state budget, but it seems with many members of our base limiting the rights of LGBT Californians is more in priority than making sure our state government does not go under bankruptcy.

As Republicans we should be honest and open with each other and have nothing to hide. The culture our party fostered ruined Assessor Postmus. Our base sadly would eat him alive because he is likely a gay man. We should welcome all Republicans into our party. Our party should not be exclusive, but inclusive. Our party helped to build internal pressure where he had to hide the real person inside.

Many of us are Republicans for many different reasons, I am a Republican because I believe America can be great again like the days of Ronald Reagan. I believe government should not be the exclusive solution to our problems. I believe America should show leadership around the world when they need us. We should work on issues that unite us as Republicans, because stopping the gay menace does not create jobs or feed families yet only divides instead of unites people in our county.

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