$cientology’s unethical practices on its dissidents

There is further information on the story behind the story in Riverside County’s effort to pander to the cult of $cientology when it was first discussed in the Los Angeles Times on January 10th where the Riverside County Board of Supervisors pandered to the Scientologists to restrict protesters of the cult from being near 50 feet from the property of any private residence the protesters target namely their media production compound in Hemet California. However scientology critics believe that its an attempt by the cult to silence the dissent voices.

Scientology wants to ban also HIV+ protesters from being near their compound which is recently reported in the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center and $cientology also illegally obtained medical information of the Scientology critics and outed their HIV positive status to the Riverside County Sheriffs which is unethical and disturbing. Where if you are a dissident of Scientology the cult’s aim is to destroy your reputation and existance as best as they can by lieing to the sheriff’s department so they could get the dissidents out of their property.

Also Scientology wanted to pay their employees 39 cents an hour instead of the minimum wage and trying to use the argument they were a religious institution to avoid the labor laws.

Anyways the news on how Supervisor Jeff Stone sponsored the ban on protesters of the Scientology media headquarters should inspire fair minded individuals to support an opponent in the next election in 2012. There are many collations annoyed by his presence on the BOS, and maybe they can gather together in unity.

Scientologists do have the right to practice what they want to practice, just like how I could make a religion dedicated to the worship of Ashton Kutcher, the actor and television producer. However they do not have the right to infringe on freedom of speech and they do not have a right to force their followers into slavery by paying them 39 cents a hour or do hard labor.

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