Microsoft Songsmith

The researchers at Microsoft decided to make a product that was designed to bring the songwriter in all of us called Microsoft Songsmith. However the product does not really seem as innovative because its basically twelve or so basic background music patterns designed to start and end with your singing no matter how long you want to sing. The background music is not really modifiable based on the notes that you sing in the product.

I would love a Garage Band type product for the Windows operating system. However think of Microsoft Songsmith as more of a Wii Music type of product. If you have a creative young member in your household consider buying a copy where he or she can sing witty songs. Songsmith is not complicated, but is more of a toy than a useful application. I did make a few compositions with this product, but it sounded like amateur hour at the karaoke bar instead.

If you want to make a successful song, try to storyboard it when you have your lyrics written. Because if you sing or recite your lyrics they can end up running quicker than you might expect them to be. Add some hand clapping or some rhythm instruments while you sing so you can have a break between verses. Most great popular music tunes usually last for three minutes so make them go for around that time. However it seemed most of my tunes lasted less than one minute like the Songsmith advertisements on Youtube.

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