The Restaurant Report

David Allen may have the dominance in his columns about the local restaurant industry in the Daily Bulletin and IE Weekly. But I would like to let people know what is happening in my local area about the restaurants around my neighborhood.

At the Mountain Green shopping center in southern Upland California, San Sai shut down in Upland. Having two Asian restaurants in one small shopping center does fragment the market and having Mervyn’s close does not help the proprietor either. It was quite sad, seeing a sign posted on the 30th of December saying that they would have reduced hours due to New Year’s Eve and Day and then on New Year’s Eve they decided to shut down. The sad fact of the matter was they did not shut down for the holiday, they decided to strip the fixtures from the building before the store was scheduled to re-open and close down for good.

If you like San Sai’s menu feel free to visit their other locations.

For one restaurant shutting down, another one comes up from its ashes. Connal’s Burgers, Subs and Salads is a well known Pasadena eatery that decided to open its first San Bernardino County branch after 50 years. This eatery has a very comprehensive menu and serves a void due to a lack of an easily available hamburger stand in the area aside from Wendy’s.

The store offers good portions for the price you pay for the product. It is going to take some time for the store to get its name out locally, but it is worth the try. Very good pastrami sandwiches and the seasoned French fries are worth the money. I am still trying out their menu before I make a detailed review.

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