Meg Whitman Not Getting My Vote

Fiscally irresponsible and not socially inclusive, next please. Meg Whitman is starting the motions in her run for the Republican nomination for Governor of California in 2010 by resigning from the corporate boards she serves on. Although she is a former CEO of a well known internet company with over 1 billion to her name she is not going to make friends in how she planned her original moves to establish her political bona fides.

The Flash Report, a leading California Conservative Blog mentions at the time she did not taking a position on the California budget crisis shows that she is not ready to speak up for the people of our state when a critical situation occurred when the Democratic Party raised taxes illegally on the people of our state and said “I am not an announced candidate and I do not have a position at this time”.

Then we also have her open endorsement of Proposition 8, which does not make it palatable for the fourth of Republican voters to support her. Also, it is going to be difficult for her to get cross-party support and also with Insurance Commissioner Poizner also with big money it is going to be an expensive blood bath.

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