The State of Republican Change

The Republican Party is in a state of change when the committee members meet for their meeting to decide who should be the next chairman of the national party. Six leading members are running for chairman including the incumbent chairman Robert ‘Mike’ Duncan, SC Chairman Katon Dawson, MI Chairman Saul Anuzis, Ohio former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, former Maryland Lt.Governor Michael Steele and former TN state party chair Chip Saltsman.

We lost in 2008, and traditionally if the party did not succeed we replace the chairman. Thus bringing forth an election to keep or replace the RNC Chairman right now. For us as a party we need to bring forth someone conservative yet inclusive to reach out to the American people to articulate the message during the Sunday morning talk shows and in the blog-o-sphere.

I would like to give some caution to the people who have the vote in California to avoid voting for Ken Blackwell and to consider someone else to represent us as our new Republican Party chairman. Ohio’s Republican machine collapsed and Ken Blackwell lost so bad he conceded within one hour of polls closing in 2006. Ken Blackwell may have the religiosity that helps the evangelicals and other social conservative groups to be excited about the Republican Party, but that is the only major thing that is good about him in this race for party chairman. If we are running referendum about banning marriage equality or abortion then he would be useful, but if its for second amendment rights or lower taxes then his ability to reach out will not be as vital.

If I had one of California’s three votes I would probably vote for Saul Anuzis or Michael Steele. Saul is conservative and very popular with a very strong message to get the party on track. I think I would like to have a bulldog that will help give the political party a spine. Saul looks towards using technology to help mobilize supporters, bringing forth the young people and get them involved, bringing forth a 50 state strategy where even Hawaii and Massachusetts would be reached out to and reaching out to all voters no matter who they are who share our core values.

Michael Steele is inclusive yet a centrist conservative that would also deserve consideration. He also has a blueprint for making our party successful by communicating the party’s message. Improving the party’s fundraising, communication network and candidate recruitment would be vital in helping to shrink the Democratic Party majority in congress and the state houses. If you want to read his first chapter of this blueprint the link is here.

Americans do share the majority of the views of the Republican Party, but they strayed from us because we moved away from what we stood for during the days of Contract With America. If we maintain our fiscal conservatism, while being social conservative and not exclusionary I think good things can happen in 2010 and beyond.

We have many good candidates running, but we just have to tread carefully on who will be the organization’s spokesman and executive. Steele or Anuzis would be good choices.

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