A Challanger for Assemblywoman Carter

Assemblywoman Carter (D-Rialto) is known to have divergent views on social issues and frustrates the progressives on the issue of equality of queer Californians. She is one of the rare Democrats that the Stonewall Democrats will refuse to endorse on Election Day.

Problem is the Republicans elect a clone of her in the past two elections (2004 and 2006) and we need a choice, not an echo.

I was reading on Craig’s list that people were annoyed on how unfriendly she is to LGBT issues due to her open endorsement of Proposition 8, that I did mention that maybe the Republicans could have a social liberal run against her to provide some contrast since most of the constituents will not elect a fiscal conservative anyways. The challenger against Assemblywoman Carter does not have to be gay. However the nominee should be an ally of equality.

I will give $50 if a 62nd Assembly District Republican files papers and is an open ally of Log Cabin California and or Equality California in 2010.

UPDATE: Paul Darr of the Libertarian Party is running in the 2010 election against her. Since no Republican wants to run at the time of this update its worthwhile to check his campaign out! – Jan 28 2010

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