My Letter to the editor

Hello. I know sometimes newspapers edit letters you send to the newspaper for space consideration. However the context gets destroyed when people edit what is stated originally. I basically stated that Spence should advocate amnesty because the Latino community is traditionally against abortion and gays, and that was omitted.

Here is my uncut letter.


It is unfortunate that conservative activist Mike Spence believes following on the trail of Proposition 8 will spark a Republican revolution. The problem is we need to understand the demographics of our state and it shows that social conservatism is popular with minority communities such as the Latino and African American people in our state. However fiscal conservatism is not popular with these individuals that Mike Spence wants to covet into the Republican collation.

The fight against illegal immigration has led our party into ruin driving away Latino voters like how the Southern Strategy turned away African Americans away from the Republican Party. If Mike Spence feels that cultural issues are more important than economic issues in the Republican Party, he should go up to Washington and endorse the amnesty programs that McCain and Kennedy are advocating since these individuals who want to come into America are traditionally against gays and are not for abortion.

As Republicans we need to stand for uniting many people in our state while staying true to our principles. Our party cannot rely on just older white voters and the religious. We have to even reach out to young voters, moderates and even the gay voters so we could become the party that represents the whole state so we can make Sacramento work for the better.

The edited letter is in Friday January 2nd edition of the Los Angeles Times. The unedited second paragraph is key to the argument.

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