We Demand Results

This past weekend the Los Angeles County Republican Party voted to replace their chairwoman of three terms Linda Boyd for new leadership, after no gains in Los Angeles County and declining voter registration a take over was imminent.

San Bernardino County has similar problems compared to Los Angles County and at Inland Utopia we would like to give Supervisor Gary Ovitt who is also chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Party fair notice that we need improvement when the county party meets again in January. Because if we lose more ground in registration and representation in Sacramento where many districts had close races AD 36, 60, 63 and 65 the Republican Party may be too disabled to be repaired. 

Here is what I would like in the county party. A revitalized voter registration program where we would hire on Ed Landing to lead the charge to bring the party back to San Bernardino County dominance. A financial review of the county party in how the party raises and spends its money and have it public and transparent. A return to an Assembly District system where our central committee would be elected by assembly districts not supervisorial districts. No matter how we elect our members quorums have been impossible for the organization to maintain. Organizing the central committee by supervisorial districts only results in tying the party to our county supervisors instead of the activists at large.

Conservative, liberal or even libertarian as Republicans we need to stand united to make sure our party keeps our relevancy in the county and our state we live in. If Supervisor Ovitt can read the message from the Los Angeles County Party good things can happen.  

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