Delivery Unconfirmed

Recently I decided to sell stuff via Amazon since I did not like the paltry buyback offers the local video game store offers for trade in of games I want to trade in. I have sold over 30+ items in the last two years and I have not had much problems until recently. With packages under ten dollars I usually do not add any extra services. However it seems I need to be cautious as a dealer of used product. I want to make sure I am protected against the USPS losing my mail or it being stolen in route to its destination.

I do trust most of my customers, I had someone last year trying to demand a refund when the USPS said they delivered the package to the destination the buyer wanted and luckily I did not have to refund the individual. This year I sent something November 6th, it got sent to a town 30 miles from its destination around November 13th and now its almost three weeks later and the package is in limbo. I did send it proper according to what the buyer wanted, but I do want the customer to be happy. If the postal service does not reply back by next week or so I will likely have to refund the individual.

I know delivery confirmation is not insurance, but it does allow peace of mind to make sure the package had made it to its destination. I do not want to have to buy insurance for each little screw up that happens, but I will need to be cautious so I do not lose my shirt in the future. An extra 1.70 is better than having to refund someone around 30 dollars because the postal service lost my buyer’s merchandise. 

Either signature confirmation and or insurance will be utilized in the future. If the package is not signed for or picked up, then it gets sent back. That sounds good.

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