The record store is a dying breed.

Tower Records is gone, the record store around the corner is gone and now Virgin Megastore is another casualty of recorded media sales. I remember going to the Virgin Megastore at the Ontario Mills to buy the latest releases in music and video ever since the mall was opened in 1996. Twelve years have gone and now I will have to rely on the Internet with Amazon, Best and CD Universe  to meet  my physical media needs since we all have our own esoteric musical preferences.

Digital media has spoiled us today, we are able to have the convenience of selection and price where we can grab anything we want now. We do not have to rely on the gatekeepers at the local music store now, we have choice. However the reduction of physical media sales will only make it harder for people to buy physical media releases at the local store.

Patronize your local independent music dealer, in the Inland Valley Mad Platter in Riverside and Rhino Records in Claremont are the main survivors of stores that sell music to the public. They have cashiers and sales associates that know what they are selling and could make recommendations on new and exciting music to take home.

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