Message to CA Legislative Republicans: The Road to Nowhere Leads to Nowhere

2006 and 2008 were not good for national Republicans, but 2008 sent a message to the Republicans in California that rejecting any tax increase at any cost does not pay at the ballot box. Republicans have lost their contested races in AD 10, 15, 78 and 80 while other districts are starting to lean towards the Democratic Party in the near future.  The same message advocated in 2008 is only going to lead towards doom in 2010 for the Republican Party.

Although the Bush Presidency has brought less confidence towards the Republican Party in California, the agenda of the California Republicans is to just say no. The obstructionist view on taxation is the reason why our state budgets never get passed on time in recent history. We have serious financial difficulties in forming a budget in California where we have an estimated shortfall of $28 billion through the middle of 2010 where we already cut spending in various categories far enough especially in public education and public transportation where cutting further could be crippling.

Stalling our state budget is irresponsible for the Republican Party, when we as a state can not pay our bills our credit rating will be downgraded where it will cost more money to finance our state budget. I thought the Republican Party was for saving money.

Unfortunately the Republicans signed a no tax increases under my dead body pact and we are stuck with 2/3rds requirement where the minority party has the power to sink a budget. California never has had a timely budget and maybe we need to hand the keys over to the Democratic Party. Let the Democratic Party stand alone with the merits of their financial proposals, if the budgets are balanced and do not cause the wealthy to flee from our state where revenue remains then they will win for the near future. However if the Democratic Party’s fiscal proposals fail, then the Republican Party would have a reason to take over Sacramento.

Californians are discovering that voting Republican is not in their best interests. Californians want their schools and universities functioning, they want their public transportation systems running and other public services such as fire protection that people in our state depend on. Republicans need to show how can we run these public agencies efficiently and not wither them on the vine.

Tax money should be spent wisely to bring forth the most public good. Let us figure out how to run these services for the least possible price while maintaining quality. Republicans should demand a second California Performance Review and demand that reforms get implemented in exchange for preserving the quality of services we offer in our state.

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