The Power of the Free Market

In the December Time Warner Cable bill services are increasing in price another two dollars to 46.99. With the economy going the way it is consumers are going to expect more when their bills increase in price. Tonight I have had two major farts in service which makes me a rather crabby fellow right now.

Being an online gamer you are reliant on the connection from your internet provider and you are part of a team of over 40 people for events and activities. Of course they are understanding that real life can interfere with the activity where a parent or spouse demands you to stop playing for the night or your internet connection farts.

Companies such as Time Warner promote the idea of the “Triple Play” where you can get your television, your phone service and your Internet service. However being reliant on one provider can save you money, but the consequence of such convergence is if one service fails they all fail like dominoes. 

Internet does not cost 9.99 anymore and when you pay almost 50 clams a month you demand some reliability. When there is no regular reliability the consumer can look towards competing services such as DSL or fiber optic for broadband connections. Hopefully money can be saved and I can go back to my game.

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