The Lack of a Civics education

Recently stories have been published explaining how our public servants have a horrible skill in history, economics and civics according to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. These officials had an average score of 44 percent while average citizens who took this test scored 49 percent.

Compared to Sharon at iepolitics we scored similar scores, I scored 88 percent and she scored 90 percent.

Well, maybe this might explain why people are upset about the review of Proposition 8 and how the proponents are assuming just because people passed the law it should be held without contest. When, there is a process called judicial review that if a law violates the constitution of the jurisdiction or conflicts with a federal law then it could be repealed by the courts. There was a lawsuit to remove Proposition 8 before the election, but the courts never really reject initiatives before they go on the ballot. And there is a big issue in California where the initiatives can amend the constitution, but it can not fundamentally revise the constitution and that is the main charge the No on 8 side has right now.

Maybe with a quality civics education we would have people with more confidence in our political system in California and the nation as a whole.

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