Resale rights of used product, should content providers get a cut?

Game companies who make software for the personal computers to video game consoles such as the Playstation 3 are becoming jealous of the growing used games market. Producers are worried that the growing used games market with Gamestop, the leading video game chain making most of their profit over used games instead of new games and they want to get a cut of this revenue.

It may be upsetting that a company may spend millions to produce a product such as Kane and Lynch, finding out that online video game journalists and hundreds of customers on forums telling the world that your game may be a piece of crap. However when video games are reaching the price of 59.99 as the regular selling price its quite hard for many people these days to afford a regular purchase of their new releases. Used product helps people pay for the new product these publishers make and helps get people introduced to older versions of classics such as Mega Man or Madden.

Even though Gamestop makes big money from used product they are actually helping to keep the new games market alive. Depressing customers by asking those who bought the game used to pay extra money for content is only going to piss off customers like adding securerom to Spore.

Use focus groups, make the game a quality product where the producers can be proud of what they have made. Make the game worthwhile that people will not be wanting to trade it in. Burnout Paradise’s developers have added extra features to make the game worth playing as time goes on. Follow examples that other companies have made and maybe the used game market will no longer be an excuse to cover up for companies making shovel ware and crap failed big releases.

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