Black Friday! and stores open on Thanksgiving

This week starts the retail tradition known as Black Friday where stores such as JcPenny and Kohl’s are opening at 4am for your shopping convenience. But some stores are open on Thanksgiving too. Do you want to beat the lines and save some money and help this stale economy at the same time? Try shopping on Thanksgiving. Since my family moved to many different places where we can not realistically gather together, I gave up my evening to help YOU the customer.

Although supermarkets and stores such as 7-11 are open during this holiday. Retail stores such as Big Lots and K-Mart have been starting to open on Thanksgiving for people who want a head start with Michaels has joined this year for a three hour event at 6pm to 9.

Even though it would be nice to keep the holidays sacred from national holidays to religious holidays. The economy is making retailers desperate to earn the dollar so the bottom line could be as firm as it can.

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