Greyhound in Riverside shuts down at the end of the year

If you live in Riverside County do not count on a connection to Greyhound after the year is over. The city of Riverside owns the lease to the Riverside depot Greyhound has used to conduct their business and they want to boot them out so the redevelopment agency could develop on the land.

I never really used Greyhound until this year when I used it to go back to California to see my sister in Las Vegas, many people of many demographic levels use it to go around places all around California and around the nation. When the fuel crisis hit when it cost over 4 dollars a gallon people started to use Greyhound more when going to Las Vegas would crimp one’s pocketbook.

Although the city says the station attracts vagrants, parolees and drug dealers it should be up to the city and the bus agency to work together to make things work for the community. Parolees and released prisoners should be supervised until they get on their next bus, private security and the police department should work together so drug dealing and vagrants would be booted off the property. The problems of a few should not destroy what the majority of their customers have relied upon.

A transit station that has Metrolink, greyhound and local bus agencies has worked for Santa Ana and El Monte, perhaps Riverside should give it a try for the near future. Even though California is the state of car culture and the freeway, not all of us have access to a car or a license to do so.

Greyhound does want to stay in Riverside, but its up to people who live in the community who use Greyhound to contact their local representatives.

One thought on “Greyhound in Riverside shuts down at the end of the year”

  1. Riverside’s war on the poor is an old one, but perhaps now that so many of the “respectable” people are joining the poor as top-level corporate and political corruption sinks our economy, more people will see that the city’s leaders are corrupt enemies of our people. The Greyhound station is being evicted because poor and working people use it, and the prosperous think it lowers the tone. Personally, I have a better suggestion for keeping criminal elements out of downtown. Move City Hall and the County Administration Building to another ward, and this will raise the level of honesty and real respectability downtown immensely! As is coming out now in connection with the Chinatown scandal, showing the whole city government in the pay of a developer (excuse me, a destroyer), the whole scummy outfit should be kicked out of town entirely – or at least out of office. Meanwhile, perhaps Doug Jacobs could house his lying puppets in his office building on Indiana while his bulldozers destroy our heritage. It makes me sick to think of this crowd doing their corrupt maneuvering so near the statues of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

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