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Here is my response to: Line in the sand (Nov 17)       

I strongly opposed Proposition 8 and I find it offensive that people want to manipulate the California constitution to suit their religious dogma over a minority that has been marginalized under the rule of law. The proponents had changed the argument on Proposition 8 where they used kids and schools to their advantage to keep the status quo and void over 18,000 same sex weddings.

The answer is simple why the LGBT community and its allies are campaigning for equal rights. For example, in many states across this country you can be fired for being gay, you cannot bring your partner from abroad to live with you; you cannot inherit social security or private pensions from your partner if they die. Although traditionalists and some minority groups may find the LGBT community finding common ground in the civil rights movement offensive because they feel like it’s a choice to be gay. For most homosexuals being gay is innate as a trait and conversion programs have an overwhelming failure rate.

Although California Domestic Partnerships come close to marriage even though California has the most expansive domestic partnerships in the nation. Many rights are limited due to the Defense of Marriage act passed in 1996, where these rights and privileges are not portable across state lines. Even if marriage equality was marketed with a different brand name such as Civil Unions or Partnerships many people would still oppose it because it is counterfeit to marriage.

Pastors of all faiths have the right to be affirming or critical of gay and lesbians. Even if Proposition 8 was rejected by the voters or the courts, traditionalists have the right not to officiate same sex weddings and denounce the idea of homosexuality in their religious houses of worship.

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