Gold Line to Ontario.

I received a postcard to encourage people to be interested in the light rail project from Montclair to the Ontario Airport and it seems rather interesting and worthy for further discussion around our community.

The questions I would like to ask is:

What hours will this service run?

What are the funding options that will help pay for this project? Will this extension be paid for by bond money, a sales tax increase, federal money, state money or a combination of all funding sources to get this capital investment paid for.

Will these two preferred alignments for routing help provide maximum ridership? Public transportation does not rely on government money entirely, it needs to have at least 30% fare box recovery. I do not want to see a white elephant that is paid for with our hard earned tax money, I want something as a worthwhile investment for our community.

The good thing from looking at their website that it will take 40 minutes to get from Montclair to Pasadena and 70 minutes from Montclair to Los Angeles.  And lets assume it will take 15 more minutes if we add Ontario as the final destination. Not that bad compared to the express bus routes offered from Foothill Transit.

The meetings are during the following times:

Upland: December 3rd 5-6:30pm (arrive any time) at the Carnegie Library on 123 east D street

Rancho Cucamonga: December 3th 5-6:30pm (arrive any time) at the Brulte Senior Center at 11200 Baseline Road at the Clay Creek Room.

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