Fundamentalism is not fundamental to Republicans

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker is right, our evangelical friends are eating the Republican party away to irrelevance. The preaching to the choir without any compromise is not winning us any friends or any further support for our candidates. Politics is about addition not subtraction. Our goal is to help expand our collation in order to have support for our agenda.

There may be a good number who believe that we have to wear our faith in our government, but there is a good number who believe otherwise that our faith is private and personal. It does not mean that we should be raving atheists or burn our bibles, but we need to be more understanding about the changing demographics of our country. The youth and non-Christians are not voting Republican and its difficult to convert people to your same faith.

It even strikes down to the Yes on 8 supporters who want to recall our supreme court justices not knowing that even though they may be fair minded towards the queers, they will end up replacing them with justices that will be even more leftist than they can imagine. It is ironic that these traditionalists will want to make their job much harder.

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