Adventures in Customer Service

Working in the retail industry you get to experience the joys of helping your customers to make your business grow or fail. Usually at my place I am praised for the way I handle customers. I had an experience where a customer got pissed that we required them to list their name, address, and phone with their signature for cash to be refunded to the customer. However customers are rightfully paranoid for their privacy and my company just wants to protect themselves from mostly rogue employees who might make fake returns.

If the return was under two or three dollars I might embellish the return form, but if its over ten dollars I am going to be a pistol with the rules. The receipt actually does say valid ID is required for the return, but we generally trust our customers to be honest with the paperwork. If the writing is sloppy or does not look honest, then I will ask for your identification. The address looked somewhat genuine, but next time I have the issue with a customer and their information I will ask for ID and if they don’t procure it, I am simply going to decline the return. It is corporate policy, and if you do not like the corporate policy, then pay with credit card or ask for store credit.

Then I have the experience as a customer. Right now I am not a big fan of Dish Network having called them in trying to get my remote control working. Since I lease the unit I should be able to get the remote replaced, my remote is not working, blowing five minutes for trouble shooting is not going to do anything for me. I just want a remote control shipped so I could use the service that I pay almost 660 a year for. And I do not want to pay 20.00 for a remote control that I freaking lease. I actually fired my former internet provider DSL Extreme for having a dodgy internet connection and not willing to do anything reasonable to get it resolved for me. My connection was dropping and was rather unreliable so I just moved to cable.

My prior rant about Dish Network is providing good fuel for consumer rants. There will be a future column about them not carrying LOGO. I may organize a letter writing campaign to Dish Network to encourage them to add the channel in the 2009 lineup. Traditionalist families who do not want LOGO on their system can always block the channel.

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