One Click Shopping is Arse

For the second time in the last year, a slip of the mouse led to me purchasing an unwanted song. I wonder if Amazon makes good money from wayward clicks when you meant to click on something else. I think I am going to unlink my credit cards from Amazon so I do not get billed, how can they debit me if I have no bank accounts configured.

I wish the store had an option for people to confirm the purchase instead of instantly billing and downloading the music. I prefer using a shopping cart because it gives an extra layer of security so I do not end up buying a 169 dollar box set of Depeche Mode music because of the wrong click when you wanted to buy a remix of “I Feel Loved” and not the box set.

I tested out the feature and disabling your credit cards prevents you from clicking on the music on Amazon, so that is a good thing. I finally found the song I REALLY WANTED to buy and now I am prompted to list my credit card if I want to pay for it.

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