I am Overpriced says Dish Network

Dish Network says they are for value, but they are more for the blue bloods than the common people of America. I get my rate jacked up 2 dollars each year for the last few years and they refuse to add channels like LOGO to my channel lineup, when families who do not want that channel could simply block it if they do not want it viewed in their household.

Recently the family upgraded the television set and the television antenna is failing to produce digital reception for channel 11 and 13 not even the new fangled digital antenna and the classic antennas are working to produce the over the air signals. My family would like to see various channels as HD, but Dish Network adds another barrier to entry. It costs 75 dollars for the HD receiver to be installed or configured and then 25 dollars to ship the unit, when in the past it used to be on the house to have the units shipped.

Dish Network is nickel and diming the customers and I hope to be looking forwards to new programming options. 

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