A Local Impact

Yesterday I marched in Pomona, California as part of “Join the Impact”, an international series of demonstrations against the initiatives that were passed in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida during the November elections. We had over 300 people participating in this rally to show our new enthusiasm for bringing forth change in our communities and to promote visibility in the Inland Valley.

Only problem was we left our compatriots in Rancho Cucamonga behind because they had a more rocky experience than we had where one smart ass spilled some cherry soda on some women that were demonstrating in Rancho. Next time I hope we evenly distribute our supporters around the region. It is amazing what Internet social networking can do in a short notice.

The spectators were from many age groups, ethnicities and there was a good number of straight supporters who were there to help advocate for equal rights for ALL. Proponents of Proposition 8 would rather have us fade away and take it like a good second class citizen. We are not sore losers, just because a ballot measure is passed by the voters does not mean it should be the final law of the land. Ballot measures need to be constitutional before they can stand. Should we legalize housing discrimination just because voters approved it in 1964?  Fortunately the US Supreme Court told the voters of California that was not constitutional and not accepted as law. 

Civil rights should not be at the mercy of popular opinion. Minority rights should be protected from the tyranny of the majority. The constitution of the state of California should not be a sandbox for any religion, but it should be a document for all Californians straight and gay.

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