Customer Service, Retail and a Bad Economy

The realization that improved customer service leads to better business is no secret among the retail industry in the United States. Employees do not have the ability to behave like government employees when things do not go well. Best Buy had a memo leaked on the Consumerist, where if we want to survive the economic meltdown and not end up like circuit city we need to focus on good customer service.

A new car stereo or a big screen television is not essential right now, but if customers do make the decision to buy a nice big ticket item or even a small ticket item like batteries we should be appreciative and helpful in their buying decisions is what is read with the memo.

Its the same in my anonymous place of business with over 1000 stores as well. Four months ago they implemented a new customer centric program so customers can get in and get out and improve customer loyalty to their company.

Without customers we have no job. Without customers our businesses go down and shut down like other failed retailers such as Comp USA and Mervyns.

Usually good customer service makes both parties feel good and makes your day as an employee better and you will likely win a customer for a long time.

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