A Big Embarrassment

Impressions make a campaign succeed or die. The teacher who asked her kindergartener kids to sign a pledge about not using anti-gay slurs, did more damage to the No on 8 cause than the best advertisement from the Yes on 8 side. Stupid actions can set the equality movement back for years. It is understandable that we are tired of being perceived as second class citizens through the eyes of the voters. However our maturity will help speak through the eyes of all involved in this debate.

I know the Latter Day Saints helped to get Proposition 8 on the ground with 40% of its support, but domestic terrorism should not be on the menu. Boycotting donors to Yes on 8, and maybe yanking its tax-exempt status should be on the menu. Sending pretend anthrax to the LDS church office only sets the equality movement behind. However it might be an anti-gay activist wanting to frame the community.

I know we need to be visible, to make sure that voters know that there are LGBT Californians in all cities of our state big and small. The way we need to win the debate is to educate our friends and families about the importance of equality in our relationships. Another incident being used against us, is the assault on an elderly Yes on 8 protester. It may not of been wise that the Yes on 8 protester in Palm Springs went to the den of vipers. However we should not stoop to the level of our opponents and take the higher ground in our quest for equal rights. We need a headmaster to educate the people on our side about making the right impression.

It would of been better that one of the demonstrators on the No on 8 side should of politely ask to speak after the Yes on 8 demonstrator and the Palm Springs public could make their mind from there. However TV crews were there to show the humiliating action and its now spread across Youtube like wildfire. We are only giving fuel to the bigots that live in our state and I do not want to wait until I am 50 for equal rights.

Stay cool, talk to friends and family, respect the opposition and understand where they are coming from. America has a religious core and we should recognize this. Many voters are sensitive to the term marriage, even though a good number would support adding us into a parallel institution such as civil unions. The goal should be trying to explain to them why separate, but equal is wrong and why we should be merged under the marriage umbrella.

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