DUMB! Stupid moves by your California Republican Party

This is a blog post inspired by two blog entries on two different blogs.

First: On Orange Juice Blog, we have a commentary demonstrating reasons why President Obama should send Pete Wilson a thank you card for his Proposition 187 cheerleading. We have lost thousands of Latino voters thanks to our targeting of that demographic group in 1994. Even when we only spoke against illegal immigrants, many legal residents and citizens of Latino heritage called it an insult that we used their community as a wedge issue to drive home voters to the polls.

Just as how black voters stay away from the Republican Party, Latinos are becoming permanently entrenched into the Democratic Party. 18% of Latinos voted for John McCain, voted 47% for Prop 4 and 61% for Prop 8. Proposition 187 was our failed Southern Strategy that imperils our relationship with the Latino community.

In California we can not rely on white voters and demographics is not going to be our friend in our party. We are going to have to figure out how to reach out to the Latino voter while staying true to our principles when 1 out of 4 Americans will be Latino by 2050.

Then the issue of Proposition 8 is another problem with our party. Frank Schubert writes in the Flash Report explaining that we need to reach out to minority voters. However he mentions that black and Latino voters have supported his initiative for the elimination of marriage equality and the Republicans could gain votes from listening to them. However with statistics from black and Latino voters, they may have traditional values but they remain loyal to the Democratic party. Yes promoting economic opportunity and education excellence is vital, but when you cut public services and use Latinos as a wedge issue on immigration. It gives reason to understand why these people vote Democratic.

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