Oh no! Assemblyman DeVore decides to run for US Senate

California needs a fresh face in the US Senate, but Assemblyman DeVore is just not the ticket for 2010 against Senator Boxer. Yes, Assemblyman DeVore is smart and knows his way around the issues. However he will scare off many of the voters we need to reach in order to beat Senator Boxer in the next election. From Matt Fong to Bill Jones Republicans have not found the right person to defeat this long term incumbent.

If our multi-millionaires in Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner want to run for governor I have the best option around to beat DeVore in the June 2010 primary, former congressman Tom Campbell. An economics professor and lawyer could reach out to more voters than the assemblyman could ever dream of.

Our mission is to attract voters to the party, not scare them away.

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