AIG and You

Did you know that our working Joe Baca is part of a very vital committee in congress?

He is part of the Financial Services Committee, its the committee that regulates financial institutions such as AIG.

AIG has siphoned off so much of our money thanks to the Federal Reserve’s attempt to stabilize the financial industry.

Our congressman advertises that he wants to work for the people of the 43rd congressional district.

Maybe Congressman Baca needs to hear from the people who actually live in his constituency demanding that we want accountability from our now owned companies thanks to the bail out that he should of rejected.

2 thoughts on “AIG and You”

  1. Baca did reject the first Bailout bill. In fact, he led a revolution against it from within the Congressional Latino Caucus. He only supported it after major changes were made.

    If you want to hit someone for supporting all the bailout bills, you need to focus on Jerry Lewis.

  2. Baca is my congressman and usually representatives only give a concern if you are their representative.

    When a bill was heading to a committee of interest in a legislative body, calling members of that committee does not have any impact because they usually hang up on you if you do not live in their constituency.

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