Absolutely disgusting

I know most of you have a soft spot for animals. In Riverside, this assistant Los Angeles county fire chief decided to abuse a puppy by doing unspeakable acts to it in “self defense” I could understand if it was an adult pit bull, but a six month old dog, very lame.

Some of the unspeakable acts was throwing a stone at the dog crushing its skull, and ripping apart the dog’s jaw. If an animal is causing problems you call animal control, you do not murder a household pet like that. It is like the story of a Buena Park man who used excessive force to murder a teenager who stole his Halloween pumpkin.

Puppies are generally harmless and do not have the strength to harm an adult man.

And it is generally proven that abuse of animals usually leads to worse abuse towards human beings.

During the John and Ken show interview the family of the murdered dog explained that their other dog was shot with a BB gun from this fire fighter who lives next door to them and also allegedly beat up their teenaged daughter as well.

We should wait for the investigation, but from what has been explained in the news reports behavior from a public servant like this is beyond reasonable character. If this man is left free from the investigation, people need to speak out to the county supervisors and the chief of the Los Angles County fire department to get this man fired as soon as possible.

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